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Our breads are all freshly produced in our bakery by our German bakers using sourdough and ecological raw materials without preservatives. Some raw materials are specially imported from Germany. Convince yourself of the quality of our products, which are prepared with love and care.

Whole grain spelt breads

With our wholemeal spelt bread, you make an important contribution to your health. With sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, oat flakes, a seed mix or without seeds, there is sure to be something for every taste.

Rye breads

A selection of rye breads with rye flour, spelt flour and wheat flour in different proportions of rye, according to your taste.

Special bread

Our special breads made from spelt flour, rye or wheat flour with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds or a mixture of seeds are really a treat for the palate and the eyes, but above all a treat for your health.


Baguettes are popular anytime and anywhere, especially for barbecues. Here, too, there is something for all tastes. The classic white baguette made of fine spelt flour, the rye baguette, wholegrain spelt baguette with seeds, onion baguette or, very elegant, our red wine baguette, with which you are sure to make a great impression.

Low Carb

Tastes like bread, looks like bread, but is a tasty alternative without gluten, without yeast and without carbohydrates and ideal for people with gluten intolerance.

Bread rolls

Here you will find a large selection of different rolls for every taste. Wholegrain spelt rolls, rye rolls, table rolls made from wheat or special rolls with raisins or pumpkin seeds. Let yourself be surprised by the variety.

Whole grain bread rolls

A rich selection of crispy wholemeal spelled rolls with a wide variety of seeds. Choose between sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, oats, a mixture of seeds or completely without seeds.

Lye roll

For a hearty meal topped with cheese or ham or just with butter spread … not only a pleasure for Oktoberfest.

Wheat roll

Our classics that shouldn’t be missing on the breakfast table. Table rolls or rolls made from wheat flour with poppy seeds, sesame seeds or without seeds.

Special rolls

Here you will find a variety of special rolls made from different types of flour such as spelled, rye and wheat. Special ingredients such as hazelnuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, walnuts or pumpkin seeds will pamper your palate. As the saying goes: if you have a choice, you are spoiled for choice.

Sweets & specials

Here you can let your mouth water run together. Cakes, pies, long-life baked goods, Danish pastries, croissants, muffins and much more.

Tea pastries

Our spelt biscuits in various flavors are a perfect accompaniment to tea or coffee.


Our long-life baked goods do not have to hide from cakes, pies and sweet pastries. Delicious almond croissants made from marzipan paste, peacock with fruity jam, nut wedges and energizing muesli bars and much more awaits you in this category …


Our long-life baked goods do not have to hide from cakes, pies and sweet pastries. Delicious almond croissants made from marzipan paste, peacock with fruity jam, nut wedges and energizing muesli bars and much more awaits you in this category …

Pieces of cake

A delicious selection of cakes awaits you. Individual pieces are only available in the store. Half-sheets can also be used for orders of minimum 20 euros or more.
Medium trays (8 pieces) or whole trays (16 pieces) cakes can be delivered.


Our pastry chef will conjure up delicious small or large cakes for you. Strawberry cream, chocolate cream, passion fruit cream, raspberry cream or any Black Forest cake, to name just a few.

Pieces of tarts

Here you will find a selection of different delicious pieces of tarts. Available in advance as a half sheet with 10 pieces or as a whole sheet with 20 pieces. Individual pieces only available directly in the shop.

Special occasions

We would be happy to prepare your perfect cake for a special occasion. Be it a birthday, wedding or anniversary. Just tell us your wishes and we will create the ideal cake for your very special day with a lot of love.


We look forward to creating your very own birthday cake for you.

Seasonal articles

Get an overview of our articles that we only have at certain times of the year or festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Carneval or Oktoberfest.

Easter products

Every year the Easter lambs and Easter bunnies wait for their owners. You can also buy colorful Easter eggs from us, as well as Easter nests made from sweet dough with colored eggs. Of course, there are also small, round Easter cakes with decorations or delicious chocolate bunnies.

Christmas products

Everyone is eagerly waiting for this moment all year round. Finally the smell of cinnamon stars, vanilla crescents, marmelade coockies and fresh stollen … let yourself be enchanted by our freshly prepared and delicious Christmas cookies.

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